Wet Cupping – Al-Hijamah and Acupuncture

As acupuncture, this healing modality has antical roots. Although cupping is associated with acupuncture and the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the entire cultures on the face of the Earth at one point knew bloodletting therapies and used them. From ancient Egypt, this knowledge went to antical Greece. Later this therapy was reinforced in the healing human practice from Archangel Gabriel who appears in front of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and recommended this healing technique for his community. It is performed on certain days according to the Moon Calendar as well as in certain areas of the body. Wet cupping is the best and fastest internal detox therapy known to man so far. Al- Hijamah has Spiritual component, too. It relaxes and balances your mind, body, and soul.

Wet Cupping in the news

The British Broadcasting Company ( BBC ) in one of its main news bulletin on August 12th, 2001 declared the following:

“The Syrians were used to betake themselves to the British capital seeking for channels of treating their diseases of which they were desperate, or they come to make medical checkups or to perform some complicated medical operations. Such a way of acting on part of the Syrians seemed very normal, but the unexpected act was the change in their destination from Great Britain towards the Syrian capital.

A scientific medical team representing the British Royal Family began communications and dialogues with a group of Syrian physicians in Damascus in search for Hijama treatment for the therapy of the hereditary disease, hemophilia.

The disease confirmed its recovery in a number of sick people in Syria”.

Dr. A.M.Al-Shalati, a neurologist from the U.K. and a professor at Damascus University, said to the BBC, in his talk, that the performance of Al-Hijamah / W.C. on a group of patients gave amazing results in the complete recovery of many cases of cancer, paralysis, hemophilia, angina pectoris, Hodgkin disease, and some improvement in asthma, rheumatism, etc.

Medical community about W.C. /Al – Hijamah
The researchers from the Immanuel Hospital in Berlin, Germany found that W.C. provides temporary pain relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patients.

Chinese study at Shandong University has found that the treatment helped in cases of chronic asthmatic bronchitis.

Prof. Dr. A.G. Jabakji, a neurosurgeon from Holland: “The implementation of W.C. as it has been recommended is an explicit and clear entrance to onchitis.complete health and good recovery. It supplies man with great power and energy by way of opening and cleaning the fine blood vessels within which blood precipitates and forms residues on its walls, and such a case is one of the causes of a migraine, heart and liver disease, and other ailments of the age.

According to Dr. M. Al-Shareef’s supervised research of 300 patients undergoing on W.C. treatment – some of the lab findings are as follows:

In case of high blood pressure – the blood pressure decreased to its normal limit.

In case of low blood pressure – the blood pressure increased to its normal limit.

The account of Leucocytes increased in 71.4% of cases of rheumatic diseases as well as the Neutrophils increased within normal limits in 100% of the patients.In 92.5%

In 92.5% of diabetic patients showed a decrease in glucose value.

Blood creatinine level decreased in 66.66% of the cases.

The urea level decreased in 50.7% of the cases.

Liver enzymes ( SGOT and SGPT ) become lower in 80 % of the cases

High cholesterol level was lowered to 81.9 % of the cases.

Triglycerides level decreased in 75%.

K and Na ions become normal in 90 % of the cases.

Low Iron level become normal again in 66% of patients.

The creatinine level in the cupping blood was very high and the red blood cells from the upper part of the back were all with an abnormal shape.

All of this lab tests show that W.C. takes away morbid matter and is a perfect healing tool for s full detoxification program.

How is it done?

Individual only for one time cups are drained of air and apply to the Hijama skin points (which are already disinfected).This is causing the skin to swell. After a few minutes, cups are removed. The surface skin under the cups is scratched with a sterilized device. The feeling is lighter than a paper cut. (These cuts are very small and superficial and they heal very quickly). After that, the cups are put back at their previous location. The vacuum this time pulls inside the cups some blood which is coming from the capillary blood vessels under the skin ( this is not blood coming from the mainstream!). This blood is usually congested and contaminated with dead blood cells and toxins. This therapy gets rid of acidic toxic waste which accumulates in the body as we grow older. After removing the cups, the skin is cleaned again and the session is over.Benefits Hijam /Wet Cupping can treat?

Benefits Hijama /Wet Cupping :
Eye support – optic nerve, retina and the general vision status


Detoxifies the body and purifies the blood, reduces blood viscosity

Reduces drugs side effect and toxicity

Enhances the feeling of well-being

Relieves body pain – headache, migraine, rheumatic disorders, back – neck pain, arthritis,

Reduces stress, sciatica, sleeping problems

Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Emotional support – positive influence on depression and sadness

Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness

Premenstrual syndrome, ( PMS )

A chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma

Skin problems – abscess, acne, boils, urticaria

Liver problems

Kidney problems

Digestion support – constipation & diarrhoea

Fertility support – men and women

Prostate support and man stamina