Basic Holistic Consultation

We believe that excellent health comes from a balance between the the mind, body, spirit and emotions. We also believe many medical conditions can be effectively treated with natural therapies that have held the test of time, and modern medical treatments that are based on ancient wisdom.
Basic Holistic Consultation: Muscle Response Testing
Every person is unique. Although many people may have the same diagnosis, no two people are the same. At our clinic, we use Muscle Response Testing, a form of energy medicine, to determine what is the best course of treatment for any particular person.
We use Muscle Response Testing to learn if you:
would respond well to particular suggested therapies
have allergies or sensitivities which are negatively impacting the flow of energy throughout your body
need specific supplements to help with your particular medical condition
have emotional blocks which are impeding your biofield
would respond well to a therapy of your choice (Herbal Medicine or Bach Flower Remedies for example). We can use the muscle response test to chose the best selection for you.
Advanced Holistic Consultation: Medical Iridology
Our basic holistic consultation is based on muscle response testing. For people who are interested in a more advanced holistic consultation geared towards the early detection of disease and illness prevention, we also offer Medical Iridology.
Medical Iridology can be used to identify constitutional weaknesses. We use this knowledge to suggest preventative health care strategies.
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