Face Lift Acupuncture

Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret

A 1986 report in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that out of 300 cases of cosmetic acupuncture observed, 90% had marked improvements with one course of treatment.

The noticeable effects after 8-10 treatments (or less) included:

the skin becoming delicate and soft
improvement in muscular elasticity
leveling of wrinkles
a smoother complexion
overall rejuvenation not confined to the face
Acupuncture not only helps the face look better, it also helps the whole body feel better. For more than 4,000 years, it has been used to improve overall health and to obtain a more youthful appearance.

For an acupuncture face lift, very tiny needles are placed painlessly into the acupuncture points to stimulate the blood and energize circulation. An acupuncture face lift tones sagging skin by tightening facial muscles while removing the local toxins and encouraging cell reproduction. It increases skin thickness and elasticity while smoothing out wrinkles and restoring your natural more youthful colour.

Additional maintenance treatments may be required. The number of treatments varies according to such factors as underlining health conditions, constitutional type, sun exposure, and location and deepness of the muscles and lines.

Acupuncture face lifts are gaining in popularity for those seeking an alternative to surgery. This unique face-lift fitness program is Hollywood’s greatest secret