Bach Flower Medicine

Dr. Edward Bach, a clairvoyant doctor, developed Bach Flower Remedies based on his ability to see the human aura (emotional body) and the therapeutic effects of flower remedies to restore emotional harmony.
Bach Flower Therapy addresses negative emotions such as sadness, despair, hopelessness, irritability, rage, resentment, over concern for family members, uncertainty, self-doubt, shyness, lethargy, impulsivity, agitation, procrastination, daydreaming, panic, worry, anxiety, and phobia.
A Bach Flower Remedy is tincture of specific flowers chosen for their energetic vibrations. The remedy is taken in a glass of water about four times a day over a period of several weeks to several months until a tendency towards disturbing emotions is eliminated.
At the Eyes On Health, we use Muscle Response Testing (not psychological interviews) to choose the best Bach Flower Remedy for you. If you are interested in Bach Flower Remedies, be sure to tell us during your holistic consultation.