Healing Imagery

tree on the hill


Healing imagery is the “window” into our inner world. It is a technique which uses positive mental images which in turn are relayed by our brain resulting in a positive response from our body. In essence, it is a means of influencing the body to heal itself on the physical, emotional or spiritual level. It is a technique used successfully by Olympic athletes to improve their performance.

The mind can influence, as we know, some of the bodily physiological functions — heart rate, breathing frequency, sexual arousal, immune system responses etc. Through mental imagery exercises, you can create a disposition for better health and improved well-being.

Healthy people can implement the use of mental images as a prevention to some disturbances which are detected through muscle response testing (MRT) as well as iris analysis. These disturbances would be predispositions for a disease that are too early in their development to be picked up with traditional tests as they exist only at the energy stage of the illness.

Healing imagery is not a “new age” discovery: It was used in ancient civilizations. It has now resurfaced and is a viable alternative being used in our daily lives to enhance “feeling good”.