Contact Reflex Analysis / CRA





The Contact Reflex Analysis, also known as CRA, is a simple, safe, bio-energetical method of analyzing your body’s  structural, physical, and nutritional needs. A deficiency in any of these areas could cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health problems. It was researched and developed by Dr. Versendaal, D.C., along with an M.D., a clinical nutritionist, a dentist and hematologist during the past 40 plus years. CRA has been thought in continuing education seminars across the United States to all Health Professionals over the years.

CRA is based on acupuncture theory and it is not a method of diagnosis.The practitioner uses the body’s reflexes to accurately determine the cause of a health issue.

CRA is a preventative technique, used to find a problem before it becomes a full blow health issue. Find it early and correct it.



Hundreds of miles of nerves carry electrical energy and connect with every organ, gland, muscle, and issue. There are approximately 75 known reflex areas on the body surface which represent various organs, glands, and bone structures. It is believed that when the body energy becomes imbalanced there is on energy interruption of the nerve energy to these reflexes. The reflex, when kinesiology tested, will act similar to a circuit breaker under an overload.

To test a reflex, the practitioner will use the patient’s arm muscle as a “circuit” indicator. When the tester finger’s fingertip comes near a healthy reflex, the arm muscle remains very strong. Nerve energy is flowing freely. The practitioner will not be able to push the patient’s arm down without exerting a lot of force.

However, if the arm muscle is suddenly weak, and the tester can easily push the patient’s arm down, ” a hot circuit breaker” has been located. The nerve energy has been interrupted. Using this reflex information the practitioner will know if the problem is structural, physical, or nutritional.

When the deficiencies are uncovered, an exact structural and/or nutritional support can be given to help the body to heal.



Acupuncture and CRA are two energy-based modalities and they add each other. Let’s say the “liver” point or the “kidney” point is active. Then what? We use acupuncture protocol and designed nutrition to correct the imbalance of deficiency and bring the body to a state of healthy balance.

Depending on your individual situation, we might also require making some changes in your current eating habits in order to bring about the best possible results.